Disney Stars on Parade

Disney Stars on Parade

I made the decision before going to Disneyland Paris not to watch any video footage of the shows, parade and the fireworks. I wanted to watch them for the first time in the parks so I could get my genuine reaction to them all. The only thing I really knew about the parade was the addition of the fire breathing dragon and I had heard a quick clip of the new music.

I have to say that I loved Disney Stars on Parade. The song is super catchy, although if you ask me it is still no Dancing’ a catchy rhythm. I love how happy and excited everyone is for the parade. I would say that the dragon is definitely one of the highlights of the parade. I also loved Olaf i, you’ll see why in the photos! I was a little disappointed the Winnie the Pooh wasn’t a feature in the parade as I know he has a float in WDW and in the old DLP parade.  I have placed a screenshot from the Disneyland Paris website below and I have marked the places I watched the parade from.

The first time we stood where the red marker is. We sat and waited on the curb of the footpath. The little shelter you can see behind the marker is actually a popcorn and drinks stand. I personally wouldn’t watch the parade from there again. Whilst waiting we had to move multiple times for people who wanted to get past with their pushchair even though there were gaps in the crowd further along. It wasn’t ideal being pushed and stepped over while waiting. I loved that we sat so close to the castle but the lighting wasn’t ideal for photographs as there was so much shadow being created by the trees. The experience of watching the parade for the first time was special but personally I preferred our spot the second time.

I have marked where we sat the second time with a yellow marker. We bought a hotdog, fries and a drink from Casey’s and then went and sat on Main Street. We sat on the curb of the pavement, opposite the first entrance to Casey’s you see when walking up Main Street. It was very warm the day we watched the parade and it was nice and shaded where we sat. It was nice to sit and eat our food (100% recommend Casey’s!) whilst we waited. One thing about siting on Main Street was it got quite crowded. There were people stood behind us and I was stood with my bag on top of my feet to allow two young girls to stand next to me. I was ever so slightly squished but I felt too guilty not to let the kids stand at the front! I still managed to get plenty of photos from the spot which was the main thing for me watching it the second time round.

Now for the photographs!

I loved that they featured a few of the Pixar films including Toy Story and Finding Nemo. The dancers for the Toy Story float were great fun!

Some of the costumes are absolutely amazing, the costumes in the photograph had the most stunning colours.

The star of the show. You could actually feel the heat coming from the dragon. Only at Disney would you get something this amazing!

If you are a fan of the Princesses, then Stars on Parade is definitely for you. My personal favourites are Rapunzel and Flynn. Some of the princesses weren’t on floats which meant that they walked by very fast!

Photoshoot with Olaf!

Hope you enjoyed reading about Stars on Parade and seeing my photos!

Beth x